A variety of public art is being integrated throughout the LA Waterfront -- in both San Pedro and Wilmington. This page provides an overview of these initiatives. Click on our "resources" tab above for a wealth of additional information about the local art scene in and around San Pedro and Wilmington.

Cruise Ship Promenade

Doug Hollis, a nationally renowned artist, created a major environmental art piece that moves in the ocean breezes, known as "Wind Ensemble." at the base of the Cruise Ship Promenade. The concrete seatwalls lining the upper promenade include art tiles designed by seven local artists - Adrian de la Pena, Veralee Bassler, Trace Fukahara, Roberto Delgato, Stuart Bender, Frank Charles Dante Minuto, and Slanguage - selected by a panel of their peers.


Doug Hollis, artist


For the Cruiseship Promenade, the art program included local artists involvement. This community-based public art component, facilitated by the design team, enabled the artists, to have their designs rendered in tile through a photographic process. In this way, artists who may not normally work in this or any medium that lends itself to exterior application were given that opportunity. All of the artists incorporated local themes and subjects in their work.


Roberto Delgato, artist


S.P. Slip

The S.P. Slip is on the border of Ports O' Call Village and is home to an active fleet of fishing boats. Anchoring the area is an iconic piece called "Ghost Fish 107." The 107 denotes when the idea for the piece came to artist Carl Cheng -- in January 2007. It recalls San Pedro's long history as a commercial fishing hub. The interior of the "Ghost Fish" sculpture is filled with fishing mementoes and memorabilia gathered from local fishermen and their families.


Carl Cheng, artist


Also making a home at the SP Slip are several teak seating pieces fashioned in old maritime style. These pieces were created by local San Pedro artist Harold Greene.


Harold Greene, artist

Cabrillo Way Marina

This redeveloped marina at 22nd and Miner Streets in San Pedro was completed in 2011. The Cabrillo Way Marina includes 42.4 acres of land and 38.9 acres of water, a concrete dock system, 700 new boat slips, a mile of waterfront promenade and a public art piece titled "Ship in a Bottle."


Mark Dion, artist


Wilmington Waterfront Park

"Wilmington Waves," by artist Didier Hess, is an interactive LED light display that runs along all three pedestrian bridges in the park. The series of rope LED lights are suspended parallel to, but away from, the northern railings of the pedestrian bridges. These lights are illuminated periodically throughout the evening and can also be triggered by passing pedestrians on the bridge. The movement will be reminiscent of water waves.


Didier Hess, artist


Giving an artistic nod to the coastline history of Wilmington, artist Walter Hood is creating a multi-piece sculpture which will be installed along C Street in 2014. "Coastline" was created with extensive research into the location of Wilmington's historic waterlines and will recreate these locations in sculpture.


Walter Hood, artist