Welcome to the Port of LA's Waterfront Update
This electronic newsletter is the first in a series of newsletters designed to keep you up to date on local waterfront projects and the many benefits our emerging “L.A. Waterfront” has to offer – now and for the future. Stay tuned, there will be more coming your way soon.

Your Opinion Matters
In a special meeting on September 29, Port staff will present its environmental assessment and final recommendations for the San Pedro Waterfront Project to the Los Angeles Harbor Commission. The discussion will provide an overview of the Port's proposed project along with six other project alternatives that were studied as part of the project environmental assessment (including a "no project" alternative). Because this is the largest community waterfront development initiative ever undertaken at the Port, we encourage you, your friends and family to attend this important public meeting and to share your opinion about the San Pedro Waterfront Project with our Harbor Commission.

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Time: Meeting starts at 5pm. San Pedro Waterfront discussion starts at 6pm.

Location: The Port of LA Boys and Girls Club at Liberty Hill Plaza, 100 W. Fifth Street, San Pedro.

In This Edition:

San Pedro Waterfront:
What It Means for You.
San Pedro has always been a special place – a dynamic environment where prosperity and challenges often go hand-in-hand. Today, a comprehensive project and environmental analysis for the San Pedro Waterfront Project is being finalized. For the full story, including important details and benefits, click here.

Proposed Promenades, Parks and Plazas: Places for People to Visit and Enjoy.

The crown jewel of the San Pedro Waterfront Project is a world-class “Grand Waterfront Promenade,” a continuous eight-mile-long pedestrian boardwalk that winds along the water’s edge. To learn all about it and several alternatives and even sample a “typical day” along the Promenade, click here.

John Papadakis: San Pedro’s Man of Passion and Principles.
San Pedro native and business owner John Papadakis is passionate about many things – like providing access to the waterfront and seeing his hometown thrive in the decades ahead. To learn about John’s waterfront vision, click here.


A Waterfront for the Senses.
Click here.


Fun on the Waterfront:
Cars and Stripes Forever!
Click here.

Wilmington Waterfront Is Already Underway!
To get a flavor for what this means for San Pedro, take a look at how Wilmington will soon be benefiting from their newly approved waterfront plan. To see and learn about the approved Wilmington Plan, click here.

Learn More and Share What You’ve Learned
To learn more about the San Pedro Waterfront Project, go to www.lawaterfront.org. Also, to email this newsletter to family members, friends, or colleagues, Click here

Don’t Forget
Let your voice be heard–Plan to attend the September 29th Harbor Commission meeting where the Port’s proposed San Pedro Waterfront Project will be presented to the board for their final consideration.

The San Pedro Waterfront Project is a comprehensive plan encompassing
400 acres designed to provide unprecedented waterfront access, stimulate commerce, and enhance the overall quality of life for people throughout
San Pedro and the entire Los Angeles region.