The Port has identified critical new supporting projects that provide continuity in purpose and vision with the original prioritized projects in the Port’s Public Access Investment Plan.  These projects are critical to the Port’s strategy of building public access infrastructure that increases visitors to the LA Waterfront, and increases investment from private developers. 

These projects connect LA Waterfront attractions and improve the public’s experience at the LA Waterfront.  Supporting projects include three in transportation, three in amenities and two related to infrastructure.

Transportation Projects

Harbor Blvd. Improvements

Harbor Blvd. Improvements

  • This project continues the completed Harbor Blvd. and 7th St. Intersection Improvement Project by extending improvements to the San Pedro Slip, further south to 22nd Street and west along 22nd Street.
  • This project is critical to connect waterfront attractions like CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles, AltaSea and West Harbor waterfront development. 
  • Cost: $19.0M
Signal Street Improvements

Signal Street Improvements

  • The Signal St. Improvements Project is located alongside AltaSea, a developing 35-acre marine research and innovation campus.  The improvements include the street, curb and gutter, lighting, overhead power relocation and a new fiber network.
  • This street improvement benefits AltaSea as they will be investing $105 million over the next 10 years in the 100-year-old, 475,000 square feet of historic Warehouse No. 1, a potential future LA Waterfront private development opportunity site. 
  • Cost: $6.2M
CMA Life Support Replacement

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Life Support System Replacement

  • The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium Life Support System Replacement Project involves replacing the existing Life Support System (LSS) which was built in 1981 and is in poor condition. All current equipment and structures will be replaced with modern, energy efficient equipment with upgraded security features.
  • The Life Support System Replacement Project includes four primary saltwater habitat zones; Touch Tank Zone, Rocky Shores Zone, Sandy Beach Zone and Big Tank Zone, representing 20,000 gallons of saltwater filtration. 
  • The project will begin in summer of 2023 and is expected to be completed in less than a year.
  • The total cost of the project is $2.8 million, with the City of Los Angeles contributing $2 million and the Port of Los Angeles contributing the remaining amount or $900,000.

Amenities Projects

Wilmington Youth Sailing Center

Wilmington Youth Sailing Center

  • This project is an important activator of the Wilmington Waterfront Promenade Project. 
  • It consists of 3,800 square feet of community building with 8,000 square feet boat storage area, boat hoist and gangway. 
  • This amenity will activate the public plazas and gathering areas of the Wilmington Waterfront Promenade Project. 
  • Cost: $3.1M

Infrastructure Projects

SP Waterfront Parking Improvements

San Pedro Waterfront Parking Improvements

  • This supporting infrastructure project coordinates and networks parking management throughout the LA Waterfront to align with the dynamic needs of our partners. 
  • As West Harbor and AltaSea implement their parking concepts, this project ensures that operations and signage is coordinated throughout the LA Waterfront.
  • Cost: $5.0M

Electrical Upgrades

  • These electrical upgrades are mandated by the Department of Water & Power to support the potential new uses (West Harbor and AltaSea) that will use additional electricity.
  • Cost: $4.0M
last updated 11-1-2022